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Coast Life Counselling's aim is to provide effective individualized counselling. We work collaboratively and compassionately with all our clients.  We understand the decision to commence therapy can be stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, we offer a supportive and nuturing environment where you can safely explore life challenges, hinderances, strengths and stories. We work differently with each person -  we strive to attune to each clients unique personality, goals and life circumstances. 

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Depression, anxiety, fear, shame & guilt are all common terms in today's society that have been associated with stress. Although a small amount of stress (known as "good stress") can lead to personal achievement, research clearly shows that a build up of long-term pressure causes serious mental, emotional, phsycial and psycholigical problems such as   ​

  • Hypertension & heart problems

  • Digestive disorders

  • Weakened immune system

  • Body aches and pains

  • Depression & anxiety

  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders

  • Irritability

  • Poor memory, decreased concentration & headaches

We can help you distinguish between what is good stress and what is  bad stress - so you can feel revived again.

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At Coast Life Counselling we use relationship theories, research science and powerful tools to educate people on strategies that help them thrive. We support people to learn how to reconnect, communicate better, resolve conflict and find love again.


During the first phase, we help clients identify and explore any maladaptive behavioural patterns that may have played a pivotal role in their disconnection.  The second phase concentrates on helping clients map out what they consider to be a successful relationship. Followed by psychoeducation, exploration and the development of positive behavioural patterns so they can achieve greater communication and reconnection. Next, is about re-building a stronger foundation that rekindles respect, trust and love. 

Coast  Life Counselling works compassionately and with care - ensuring each person is listened too and validated. 


No matter the nature of your relationship, it is never an easy situation when you are breaking-up, facing a separation or divorce.  During this time, there is often a range of heightened emotions that can leave a person feeling overhwelmed, desperate, sad and alone (just to name a few). In fact, many people often feel like their entire world is collapsing and falling apart. Coast Life Counselling can help you work through these strong emotions, explore new coping strategies and come to terms with your new and changed life. Empowering you to emerge from your breakup with a stronger positive attitude and love of life. Even though you may feel this is impossible at the moment - you can heal, recover and come back stronger after a breakup. 

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Regardless of what you need to change in your life, Coast Life Counselling have the tools to help you navigate your life journey.  We will work together with you - step by step - listening to your needs, identifying what is important and what has been hindering your progress. Together we shall build a personalized action plan that will have you moving towards positive change. 

We can support you with  transitions such as

  • Emotional and Physical Well-being

  • Pain Management and Carer Support

  • Life Transitions

  • Help eliminate worries and life stress

  • Develop healthy habits

  •  Increase emotional intimacy

  • Learn effective communication 

  • Improve and increase your self-esteem and confidence

We can help you start enjoying life again, become more creative, reach your potential and find laughter.

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Loss and grief is a personal experience that is highly emotional, stressful, painful and sad.  Our goal is to carefully support you through these intense emotions in a safe, confidential, and empathetic environment.  We can help you come to terms with the reality of your loss, readjust your life, build new coping stategies, treasure memories and reconnect to support networks.

Many people attribute Loss & Grief to only death, however there are many other life factors that trigger high emotions such as

  • Loss of Health

  • Relationship, separation and/or divorce

  • A loved one, partner, child or animal – bereavement

  • A career change or business loss

  • Loss of Income and/or Financial security

  • Loss of Independence 

  • Skill inability or lack of capability  


If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Anger & despair

  • Sadness & Anxiety

  • Depression, Guilt & Fear

  • Not eating or limited sleep

  • Crying all the time

Then chances are you are grieving a significant loss.


There is no fixed time frame for grieving, as this process can sometimes take many years.  However, the way we cope with these life challenges - is important.  Coast Life Counselling can guide you through all the grief and loss phases by making the process easier. 

According to Kubler-Ross Model there are 7 phases of Grief & Loss. 

  • Shock, disbelief & numbness

  • Denial

  • Anger & aggression

  • Bargaining

  • Guilt

  • Depression & despair

  • Acceptance, recovery and lastly hope

If you are struggling with life at the moment - please call, as we can help you through these phases.

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Coast Life Counselling can help you relieve stress after a natural disaster.  When a natural disaster occurs whether that be flood, fire and/or storm normal coping strategies sometimes stop working.  In fact, even though reactions vary between people, there are common reactions that are related to abnormal events.  Sometimes these reactions appear immediately after a crisis event, however sometimes they appear hours, days and months afterwards. These reactions are categorized as cognitive, emotional, behavioural and physiological symptoms. 


  • Memory loss & confusion 

  • Decision making difficulties

  • Concentration problems 

  • Reduced attention span

  • Calculation challenges

  • Suicidal thoughts 


  • Anxiety, Grief & Depression

  • Overwhelmed & irritability

  • Identification as a vicitm

  • Suicidal or self-harm


  • Crying, insomnia & substance abuse

  • Gait changes

  • Hyper vigiliance

  • Ritualistic behaviour


  • Fatigue, nausea, dizziness & ticks

  • Fine motor tremors

  • Muscle weakness and aches

  • Shock symptoms, headaches & body pains

  • Sweating, chills and fever

We have  "hands-on-experience" helping those affected by natural disasters and understands the impact on individuals and families. 

Video Counselling

Counselling sessions can be offered via ZOOM in the comfort of your own home.  Private Medical Health Rebates may apply

In Clinic Appointments

Offered at Currimundi and Wurtulla.  Private Medical Health Rebates may apply

Telephone Counselling

Counselling sessions can be offered via telephone in the comfort of your own home.  Private Medical Health Rebates may apply