Life Line - 24 hour Crisis support - 13 11 44


Life Line offers a 24 hour Crisis Support Line.  Their website offers free tool-kits that support caring ways of how to talk about suicide and depression.  Please click on this link to find out more.


Beyond Blue - On Line stress test


Beyond Blue offer a simple 10 question checklist that helps you to reflect on the feeling you’ve experienced over the past few weeks.  This test is a measure of distress, utilised by Australian GP's and Mental Health professionals to determine the level of support and care one may require. Once completed, print out and discuss the record with your GP


Black Dog Institute - resources and support for Mental Health  


Black Dog Institute is committed to understanding, supporting and researching Mental Health Illnesses


Beyond Blue - Understanding Depression 


Most people experience feeling sad or low from time to time, however for some people these feelings last for long periods of time. Depression is more than just feeling down, or sa - it's a serious condition that affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  This link can be great support to find out more information about depression