Our fees may vary depending on the length of time and type of counselling

Please note, Coast Life Counselling provides private Medical Health rebates for Medibank, BUPA, AHM and Police Health.  We do not provide Medicare rebates, however our fees are very competitive when gap fees are taken into consideration.

Initial Session (90 minutes)

The first session involves listening, hearing your story and collaboratively working on counselling goals. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about Coast Life Counselling services.

Cost - $110.00

On-going Sessions (60 minutes)

Cost - $85.00

We also offer a limited number of low-cost places for students. 


It is understandable there maybe times when life makes it difficult to attend your appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. A cancellation fee of  $50.00 will be charged for late notice or non-attendance. 

Our aim is to support clients as they quieten the maladaptive narratives of shame - feelings of incompetency, worthlessness, insignificance and being “not enough”.  We help clients carve a new pathway while dismantling the effects of intergenerational trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, anger and emotionally cut off parents, partners or family members that often result in anxiety and depression.


Our aim is to support clients to feel revitalised and re-discover connection, playfulness, happiness, confidence, sensuality within themselves and relationships.


What Clients Have Said

Kerri is an amazing person to work with, she is a master in her field. I am so grateful to have her in my life, and she has essentially saved my life. I knew from our first session that she was very kind, knowledgeable and skilled. Kerri cuts below the surface to see the underlying issues that are driving my behaviours, thoughts and emotions. The sessions are dynamic, and her approach is warm, inquiring and also with humour. 


She is very likeable.I trust her, and she understands me and my life experiences. Kerri keeps me on task, when I meander off, rationalise, use words so I dont have to feel anything. Here is the thing, you will feel things, and from this there is healing within and change that require no words..

I have had many breakthroughs and am experiencing, joy, stillness and a sense of wholeness. I am learning to trust and believe in myself, and let down my walls, and see my strength and the beauty in life. I am also learning that I have suffered enough, emotional pain and torment is no way to live for any human being.


So with Kerri as my guide I am forging a new road ahead, that is brighter, clearer, and more positive.

(Also you can be having a tough time in the world, but if you back yourself and retain a sense of self, life feels easier).

Sarah - Sunshine Coast